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Core Principles of BrainStore

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Core Processes

Briefing Process

BrainStore's Process to acquire a good briefing.
Goal: A good briefing - common understanding and commitment from all involved.

  1. Share relevant information with the customer
  2. Interview the customer
  3. Place content in the briefing categories
  4. Find a team - develop a proposal
  5. Share the proposal with the customer - make sure it's understood
  6. Draft the agreement - get it approved by the customer
  7. Agree and get started!

Idea Machine Process

BrainStore's process to create great ideas at the push of a button.
Goal: a great set of ideas

  1. Based on the briefing create a travelog
  2. Great the production script
  3. Amass
  4. Discover
  5. Like
  6. Scan for success criteria
  7. Refine results
  8. Visualize leading ideas
  9. Select leading ideas

Team Composition Process

BrainStore's process to compose a well-balanced community.
Goal: a well-balanced community

  1. Define the profile of the participants
  2. Define clusters and individuals
  3. Reflect on motivation factors
  4. Create motivation matrix
  5. Create offers and application routine
  6. Announce offers, follow up
  7. Create comparability between applications
  8. Decide on the community
  9. Inform all applicants

The Cycle Process

BrainStore's process for efficient progress, smart resource allocation, and a steep learning curve
Inspired by agile working principles.
Goal: A shippable package with results for a customer

  1. Create a cycle briefing
  2. Compose a community
  3. Define the minimal scope with the community
  4. Get the commitment from the team
  5. Start the cycle
  6. Create sub-cycles - if you like
  7. Document progress
  8. Summarize results
  9. Present results - answer questions
  10. Review
  11. Debriefing

The Cycle Board Process

Goal: excellent workflow
Inspired by Kanban

  1. Collect all items in the pipeline
  2. Find a facilitator
  3. Place items in the open (facilitator)
  4. Pull the item from the open
  5. Do!
  6. Place the item in the done

Roadmap Creation Process

BrainStore's process for reliable planning.
Goal: Simple planning language

  1. Assure clarity and similar granularity of all initiatives
  2. Create roadmaps in breakout groups with all initiatives for the segments now, then, later, and maybe
  3. Design master roadmap with the segments now, then, later, maybe
  4. Compose communities for the now initiatives
  5. Optional: define sub-roadmaps for the now initiatives
  6. Initiate cycles for the now initiatives
  7. When there is room in the now - decide what needs to move to the now (from any other segment)


Idea Machine Engine

Content Flow from A to Z

  1. Amassing
  2. Discovery
  3. Like
  4. Criteria Scan
  5. Refinement
  6. Idea Selection
  7. Roadmap

Import and Export

Cycle Board

Site Manager

Share information with the public or your community


Manage your community - define roles and privileges


Share collaboration opportunities - manage applications


Where shit gets done. Online.

In the development we work with the following priorities

1) Security
2) Reliability
3) Simplicity and beauty
4) Adaptability
5) DRY principles (don't repeat yourself)

The following pages contain information that will make it easier for you to understand the "whys" behind the "whats" and "hows" in the tutorials.

  • Our development is driven by BrainStore's purpose
  • Tool development is subject to BrainStore's Code of Conduct
  • The tools are aligned to the DNA of Innovation
  • The Idea Machine Tools are based on the Idea Machine process
  • In software programming, we orient ourselves on development principles from the agile community

BrainStore's Purpose and Code of Conduct

The DNA of Innovation

Innovation wird oft auf Brainstormings reduziert. Und Brainstormings funktionieren oft nicht. Das BrainStore-Team hat die DNA der Innovation entschlüsselt und 34 Bausteine in sechs Kategorien identifiziert.

Der BrainStore "Get. It. Done"-Mindset

Schweizer Präzision und kreatives Chaos bilden den "Get. It. Done"-Mindset.

Capitalize on the simplicity and scalability of the Idea Machine process

Frische Ideen auf Knopfdruck mit der Ideenmaschine

Die Ideenmaschine ist ein Satz an einfachen, robusten, skalierbaren Prozessen, welche es einem Team erlauben, frische Ideen zum einem bestimmten Thema "auf Knopfdruck" zu entwickeln.

Conventions you need to know

BrainStore Design Principles

All tools integrate BrainStore's design principles

BrainStore fonts, colors, logos, images, sounds and more...

Markdown - A simple language for design support

Wherever possible we enable the organizing team of projects to work with markdown - a simple language which allows to style content to tast that replaces cumbersome HTML code.

Add Content with Markdown Syntax

The Pay-What-You-Wish-Principle


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